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AIMB-769VG-00A1E Equipo fuera de fabricación (End of Life)

LGA 775 Intel® Core™2 Quad/Duo ATX Board with G41 Chipset, DDR3 and Wide Expansion

  • Support Intel® Core 2 Quad/Core 2 Duo CPU
  • Intel® G41 chipset supports 800/1066/1333 MHz FSB
  • Dual channel DDR3 800/1066/1333 SDRAM up to 4 GB
  • Chipset integrated VGA
  • Supports one PCIe x16, one PCIe x1, and five PCI Slots
  • Supports 1 x GbE via dedicated PCIex1 bus
  • Supports Embedded software APIs and Utilities
  • AIMB-769VG-00A1E
  • AIMB-769VG-00A1E
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2 years extended warranty
Información de la Orden
Número de Parte Descripción Cantidad
AIMB-769VG-00A1E LGA 775 Intel® Core™2 Quad/Duo ATX Board with G41 Chipset, DDR3 and Wide Expansion
Compatible Display Kits for the AIMB-769VG-00A1E
Size Brightness Touch Screen
Part No. Description Unit Price Qty
Compatible Embedded Boards for the AIMB-769VG-00A1E
For more details, see the Industrial Display Kit Selection Guide
Form Factor Processor
Part No. Description Unit Price Qty
Número de Parte Descripción Precio Unitario Cantidad
1700003195 CABLE/WIRE, A Cable 2*5P-2.54/USB-A 4P(F)*2 17CM W/BKT US$ 10,00
1750000334 ELECTRIC PART, Cooler I-St-775-S95W 95*95*61.8mm-PP 12V0.4A US$ 36,30
AIMB-R4104-01A1E Riser for ISMB, PCIex4 to 1 PCIex4 A201-1,RoHS US$ 22,00
AIMB-R430P-03A2E CIRCUIT MODULE, Riser for ISMB, PCIex4 to 3 PCI A201,RoHS US$ 55,00
1960022033T000 SHEET METAL, Cooler I-PM-M95W 114*96*26-RP 5V0.2A-35C US$ 30,80
1700002204 CABLE/WIRE, A Cable 2*5P-2.54 /USB-A 4P(F)*2 27CM F/9 US$ 10,00
1700008461 CABLE/WIRE, A Cable USB-A 4P(F)*4/2*5P-2.54*2 30.5 W/BKT US$ 10,00
1700008809 CABLE/WIRE, F Cable IDE#3 2*13P-2.54/D-SUB 25P 25cm W/BNK US$ 10,00